Thursday, October 12, 2006

How much do you want it?

A young man asked Socrates how he could get wisdom.

"Come with me," Socrates replied. He took the lad to a river and shoved his head underwater. He held it there until the boy struggled for air. Then he let him go.

Once the boy regained his composure, Socrates asked him, "What did you desire most when your head was underwater?"

"I wanted air," the boy told him.

Socrates nodded slowly. "When you want wisdom as much as you wanted air when you were immersed in the water," he said, "you will receive it."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Take a chance!!!

Stand still, and just grow old.

Robert Evans

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


"Reality is better than a dream."


Who originated this quote? Help me out. I dig it.


I write every day. Not on my blog obviously. But most of it is rather unpublishable.

Anyway, today I was writing about innocence. For whatever reason I have come to a bit of an impasse in my life and I feel that I need to re-evaluate what is important. What deserves my attention? What deserves my energy? What deserves my good will?

All I can come up with today is that innocence is the only thing that truly deserves good will. Honesty may be another word.

So who is truly innocent? Who is truly honest? As a whole.?

The answer? For me.

Dogs. And babies.

ONLY dogs and babies. And suddenly I am compelled to protect only dogs and babies. Somehow. And to drop everything else... I am not kidding. I am considering giving up every bit of bullshit and just committing to protecting dogs and babies from ever being abused in any way. It may be the only thing that really makes sense for me.

So now I don't know what to do...

P.S. Don't ever hurt a dog or a baby. And don't stand around and let it happen either.

Not preaching. Or practicing I guess. Just blogging.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Whether the object of your faith be real or false, you will nevertheless obtain the same effects. Thus, if I believed in Saint Peter's statue as I should have believed in Saint Peter himself, I shall obtain the same effects that I should have obtained from Saint Peter. But that is superstition. Faith, however, produces miracles; and whether it is true or false faith, it will always produce the same wonders.

Phillippus Paracelsus

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last summer I had a conversation with Matt Damon. I was doing stand-in work for Mr. Damon on the set of the upcoming Scorsese film called The Departed. We were talking about the road from actor to movie star. He told me about the years of hard work it took to get Good Will Hunting made; And how he believes that without that “type of project” he may have never have reached the level he was shooting for in his career. He is of course, still shooting.
So what “type of project” was he talking about? Was it the type where he was just miraculously in the right place at the right time? Was it the highest grossing film of the year? What was he talking about? He was talking about the “ type of project” that turns actors into movie stars. He was talking about IT.

The Definition of IT


Blam! Write that one out and hang it on the wall folks. Because IT can change your life. IT will change the way you approach your business, mentally and physically. The moment that you hang IT on the wall marks the beginning of you taking your career into your own hands.

Some powerful examples of IT

Sylvester Stallone / Rocky – Sly wrote the first draft in less than a week and began to shop it around with himself attached as the star. He knew that he was perfect for the role. Duh! He created it for himself. At a time when he was so broke that he had to sell his dog, he was being offered hundreds of thousands of dollars for the script. But no one would agree to let him star in the picture. He had the guts and the vision to turn down any offer that did not include him in the lead role. Rocky went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture and Sylvester Stallone became a household name. He achieved international stardom with one ideal project. Then he bought his dog back.

Edward Burns / The Brothers McMullen – Initially an English major, Burns decided to study film-making at Hunter College in NYC. He proceeded to write, produce, direct, and star in his own movie about a trio of Irish American brothers. Why not? With a budget under $25,000 the film won the Grand Jury prize at The Sundance Film Festival. Robert Redford, who runs the festival, was so impressed he executive produced Burns’ next two films. The Brothers McMullen went on to gross 10 million dollars domestically making it the most profitable movie of 1995.

Johnny Knoxville / Jackass – As a struggling actor and magazine writer he got the idea to shoot himself with various pepper sprays and stun guns and then write an article about the experience. He pitched the idea to a slew of magazines who, not surprisingly, turned him down. Finally Big Brother magazine hired him and he began doing these and similar stunts while videotaping them. The tapes quickly developed a cult following which resulted in a bidding war between MTV and Comedy Central to give Johnny Knoxville his own TV show. Jackass became one of the highest rated cable TV shows in history. Johnny found IT. The audience loved IT. Now he’s a movie star.

Billy Bob Thornton / Slingblade – You probably never heard of him before his Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1997. But he had been plugging away for over ten years prior with plenty of supporting roles in movies, TV, and theatre. During that time he came up with a character that he called Karl. Drawing from his experiences working with mentally ill patients in a rest home, he developed the character into a one-man show. The next step was a short film called Some Folks Call It a Slingblade, which was shot with the goal of raising money for the full-length feature film. The result was the Oscar winning Slingblade. A “labor of love” project that catapulted the career of Billy Bob Thornton. In other words, IT.

The Formula

SELF CREATED – You are in control. Deliver to the audience exactly what it is that you got into this business to deliver in the first place. Since it is up to you, HAVE A BLAST!!

WILDLY UNIQUE – This is the most important quality to include in IT. Any form of entertainment that has a “never been done” quality or even a fresh, new angle to it usually translates into gold! It makes perfect business sense. Your services need to be different/unique/cooler than the masses in order to truly stand out. The more of your personality you can bring to the project, the better. Because there is only one YOU.

YOUR MOST MARKETABLE STRENGTHS – Include as many of your strongest attributes as a performer in the project. Let it serve as a showcase for how much you have to offer. With the right vehicle, you may never have to audition again.

TO A LARGE AUDIENCE – Get it out there! This is where the clever marketing of your project comes in. Find your following. There are so many creative ways to do this. Call Monroe Mann. He will draw you a map! To quote Gladiator, “Win the crowd! And you will win your freedom!”

The majority of your energy should be going toward your “labor of love”. Should you stop auditioning for other projects? No. (Not yet anywayJ) Perhaps a favorable break can provide one with opportunity. But the safest plan is not to depend on luck. Do not wait for the perfect project to come along. Create that project for yourself. Design it from your heart and cater it to your strengths. Then get it out there!

Isn’t it pretty exciting to know that the ideal star-making vehicle is just right around the corner. All you have to do is go make it happen!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


If you want to know your future...

Look at what you are thinking and doing right now.

- Buddha (?)


You have absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. It can only SERVE you, others, the career, and the greater good. Being NOT NICE, ever, is to lower your level. Allowing anyone to coax you into anything less than NICE will always do you more harm than good. It is misdirected energy and destructive. YOU pay the price! So be careful. A bad attitude is highly contagious in any business. It is a SHORTCOMING that needs to be avoided like the a plague. This "Nice guys finish last" bullshit is another invention by those too weak to take the high road; Yet another hallucination to soothe those at the bottom. BEING NICE is often difficult. But always the better choice. BE NICE! The world and the universe will rally around you.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Addicted to caffeine? A gift for you!

Cut and paste this little gem into your PDA:)


111/Broadway. - 114/Broadway. - 125/Lenox - 181/Ft.Wash.

59th/Col. - 60th/Broadway - 67th/Col - 70th/Broadway - 73rd/Col. - 76th/Col - 75th/Broadway - 81/Broadway - 81/Col. - 86/Col. - 93/Broadway - 95/Broadway - 98/Broadway - 102/Broadway

42/6th - 42/8th - 42/11th - 47/8th - 47/9th - 49/8th - 52/8th - 55/7th - 55/8th - 142W.57th - 120W.56th - 322W.57th - 1185 6th.Ave - 1290 6th.Ave. - 1345 6th.Ave. - Worldwide Plaza

43/8th - 43/Broadway - 47/Broadway - 49/7th - 51/Broadway - 52/7th - Marriot hotel - 1675 Broadway

29/5th - 31/7th - 33/5th - 34/7th - 35/7th - 35/8th - 37/Broadway - 39/8th - 41/Broadway - 525 7th.Ave. - Macys - 1 Penn Plaza- Penn St.

15/9th - 16/8th - 19/8th - 22/6th - 24/6th - 27/6th. - 30/9th. - 33/10th

60/1st - 66/3rd - 74/3rd - 75/1st - 76/2nd - 78/Lex - 80/York - 81/2nd - 85/1st - 87/Lex - 90/1st - 92/3rd - 96/Mad

41/3rd - 41/Mad - 42/Park - 43/3rd - 45/5th - 45/Park - 47/5th - 48/Park - 48/3rd - 48/Lex -50/Lex - 50/2nd - 52/Lex - 53/6th - 54/1st - 54/Lex - 55E.52nd - 57/Lex - 135E.57th - 150E.42nd - 330 Mad - 335 Mad - 400 Mad - 450 Lex - 830 3rd.Ave - 43/Lex - Gr.Cent.St. - Rock.Cent.

15/3rd - 15th/Un.Sq.W. - 17/1st - 17/Broadway - 23/Park - 23/3rd - 28/3rd - 29/Park - 32/2nd - 36/Mad - 40/Lex - 41/3rd

2nd/9th.Ave. - 6th/Waverly - 8th/Univ - 13-25 AstorPl. - 14/6th - 23/8th - 79 Wash.Sq.E - Broad/Bond - Greenwich/Bank - Sheridan Sq.

Broadway/Reade - Broadway/Grand - Canal/Centre - Chambers/W.Broadway - Lafayette/Worth - Spring/Crosby - Spring/Varick

2 Broadway - 3 NY Plaza - 4 World Finan. Cent. - 38 Park Row - 45 Wall St. - 55 Broad St. - Broadway/Thames - 100 Church St. - 100 Wall St. - 100 William St. - 165 Broadway - 195 Broadway - Battery Park - Pearl/Maiden - Woolworth Building - Liberty/Nassau